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Microsoft Dynamics 365  for Finance and Operations

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“Microsoft technology runs our business. Dynamics 365 for Operations provides the backbone infrastructure for the Renault Sport Formula One team, supporting everything from design to manufacturing to our success on the race track.”
Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director, Renault Sport Racing

“Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is a global solution that fosters increased collaboration and reduces administrative work, we’re going to better meet the needs of our employees, and in turn we’ll deliver better service to customers.”

Rob Teitelbaum, Controller, Chemonics

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“I’m convinced that with the Microsoft solutions we brought in, we are able to much better compete.”

Paul Ossewold, VP of Digital Operations, Priva

“Our focus in moving to the cloud was to allow our team to access our data anywhere. [It] is revolutionizing our relationship with our customers and it’s empowering us with information on hand to answer questions anytime, anywhere.”

Ben Hagler, VP of Engineering and Operations, Hagler

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