LLB Retail is a cloud solution that works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform (ERP+POS) allowing a more efficient and modern experience of your business processes.

With LLB Retail, retail channels will have a total vision of their business, by being able to control and integrate all their areas (operations, finance, accounting, commercial and customer service) allowing complete management of their stores and warehouses from a centralized solution.

LLB Retail unifies your business so you can operate details such as:

LLB Retail – POS

With LLB Retail you can process different forms of payment (cash, credit, bonds, etc.) and different types of customers (credit and cash), manage purchase orders, payments, returns and sales, automatically generate and send documents, invoices and receipts purchases from customers with tickets integrated with the tax laws required in electronic invoicing, while you can control the inventory through multi-store reports and in real time.

LLB Retail – Back Office

With LLB Retail you will get a multi-warehouse solution where you manage multiple locations, online channels and inventory from a centralized panel and with real-time synchronization. Your information will always be available since this solution gives you real-time access to the key performance statistics of your business and based on this you can make administrative decisions from anywhere and from any device. In addition, you will save costs by integrating logistics operations and optimizing transport routes for sending orders to stores or customers.

LLB Retail integrates the Back Office and POS in a single system adding endless possibilities with the purpose of improving the operation of your company, both systems provide you with information, of different types, but, when combined, you can have an image much clearer and broader of the behavior of your business in order to make better decisions or develop better strategies.


  • Monitor real time performance.
  • Increase warehouse efficiency.
  • Assurance of accurate business data.
  • Access intelligent reports for decision makers analysis.
  • Obtain visibility of the entire value chain by controlling stocks, products, prices, offers, promotions.
  • Reduces fraud and prevent losses.



LLB Retail teaming up with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify will help you create a better online shopping experience.

Seamless connection between the three systems will synchronize order, stock, and customer information to ensure that merchants can fulfill orders faster and better serve their customers.

  • Improves visibility into stock, pricing, existing customers and their order histories, order status, billing, and payments.
  • Faster response to customer inquiries, returns, refunds, and order processing.
  • Have the confidence to expand your online presence while minimizing overhead with automatic synchronization between systems for price changes, product updates, and customers.

Main Capabilities

  • Staff management: You will have a follow-up of hours worked and sales made, supervising the performance of each salesperson.

  • Multi-language solution: LLB Retail allows you to configure the native language or the one of your preferences.

  • Multi-currency solution: Multiple currency exchange rates.

  • Autonomous offline-online operation: Possibility of working in disconnected mode and subsequent information synchronization.

  • Access roles: Get access control to screens and data by operator.
  • Cost savings: Integration of logistics operations and optimization of transport routes for sending orders to stores or customers.
  • Inventory control: Multi-store and real-time reporting capacity.

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