LLB Solutions has developed the Latin America localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our localization comply with all the tax and accounting obligations of each country and are available through our partner network.

Our localization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Mexico, is a complement of the standardfunctionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combining with developments and functionalities that allows to comply with all specific laws and regulations that are not covered by the standard, such as the billing complement requested by the SAT for version 3.3. and the tax reports.

Additionally, Mexico localization package complies with integrations already established with some stamp service agencies (PACs) to cover the standards established by the SAT.

Mexico localization of Dynamics 365 Business Central is certified by Microsoft which will allow:

  • Comply the guidelines of CFD, tax and accounting obligations
  • Reports on magnetic format media and integration with electronic invoice and electronic accounting
  • Continue funcional and configuration support for Mexico localization
  • Access to functional, technical and location training
  • Comprehensive training on best practices in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Support during localization data migration
  • Ongoing support during implementation and go-live

Characteristics Mexico localization

Electronic Accounting

Generations of requested formats and reports by the SAT in version 1.3

  • Chart of accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Complementary trial balance
  • Auxiliary report of accounts
  • Auxiliary Folios Report
Mexico Accounting
  • Management of month 13
Electronic billing
  • Management SAT catalogs
  • Electronic invoicing CFDI 3.3
  • Credit note
  • Payment complement
  • Transfer complement
  • Export complement
  • Customizable addenda
  • Stamp Service
    • Stamp service providers
    • Integration with other PACs
Tax Reports
  • DIOT report
  • ISR report
  • Reports- VAT withholdings, ISR, Freight, Lease

Accelerate your tax processes with our Mexico localization platform for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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